Civilization VI Release Date
“Civilization VI” will be released Oct. 21 for Windows PC. Firaxis, 2K Games

Each new "Civilization" is a massive event that spans eras and continents. With the series turning 25 in 2016, there's no better way to celebrate the milestone than with a new "Civilization." Firaxis Games announced Wednesday that "Civilization VI" will include further refinements to the classic gameplay, including an emphasis on diplomacy.

After 2014's sci-fi departure, "Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth," the game returns to Earth for "Civilization VI." Players will select a historic leader in the hope of conquering the world via diplomacy, aggression or as a peaceful, technologically advanced utopia. Of course, the computer-controlled civilizations are looking to accomplish the same goal.

"We’ve made several key gameplay changes such as expansive cities and active research that makes 'Sid Meier’s Civilization VI' an entirely unique experience while remaining true to what makes the 'Civilization' series so special," Ed Beach, lead designer at Firaxis Games, said in a statement.

In addition to the revamped graphics similar to that of the mobile "Civilization Revolution" series, there are several new features in "Civilization VI." Cities cover multiple tiles, which adds more strategic elements to how one plans their city. There will be districts within cities where different buildings can be built, according to Polygon's interview with Beach. During war, city planning becomes even more important. If attacking a city, a player could try to conquer the whole thing or maybe knock down a few buildings to cripple technological or military advancement. This would weaken an enemy for a future assault on their city.

In terms of military, players can stack units to bolster defenses or strengthen the unit. Warriors can be stacked with settlers, which could help with the expansion of one's empire. Research and diplomacy also follow active paths as a civilization develops over the course of time.

A "Civilization" game can be a daunting task for new players, but Firaxis states there will be new tutorials to ease their entry into the strategic world of "Civilization VI." The game will be released on Oct. 21 for Windows PC at $59.99. A "Civilization Digital Deluxe Edition," with additional DLC packs along with the soundtrack, will be available for $79.99. No word yet on which leaders will be included or if Gandhi's warlike tendencies will be included in the game.