A clip of a teen driver repeatedly crashing into her garage went viral Wednesday after the home video turned commercial was posted on Reddit.

Some Reddit users called the video a fake, claiming the clip was actually from a commercial shoot for the digital product company Logitech. Wilife, Logitech’s YouTube channel, stated the clip was one of their many “Busted Video March 2013” contest submissions and is in fact real.

In the video, a dark Toyota Highlander SUV can be seen crashing into a home's garage, quickly pulling back out onto the street before once again plowing into the same spot. The car eventually does a full 180 after reversing for a second time.

The owner of the footage, Kirby8586, posted “Toyota Highlander Crashing into House” to YouTube Jan. 21. The YouTube user claims her teenager daughter was on her way to pick up friends in a carpool before the crash. The teen is reportedly blaming the incident on unintended acceleration and a faulty electronic throttle control.

“This could happen to you! The car was totaled, the home has severe damage, and a car inside the home was totaled out and another damaged,” said the user, who said three teenage girls were in the car at the time of the accident.

According to the user, Toyota responded to the clip saying, “No evidence of any sort of manufacturing or design effect.”

The 34-second clip currently has more than 37,000 views on the Wilife page. Comments on the original clip, which has more than 225,000 views, have been disabled.

The car crash clip isn’t the only home video turned commercial for the security camera company. Videos from “Wife Finds Lizards on the Broom” to “Burglary Suspects Caught on Camera” have also been utilized to show the abilities of Logitech's cameras.

Kirby8586 confirmed that a Logitech device was used to capture the crash footage.