A vehicle carrying eight Ohio teenagers flipped after crashing into a guardrail on March 10, killing six of the teens, injuring two others.

Police said the SUV, which had been taken without permission but was not reported stolen, had been traveling at around 7 a.m. on Park Ave. in Warren, Ohio. Highway patrol cited speeding as the reason for the crash, reports CBS News.

The vehicle crashed into a swamp and sank with five of the victims inside. Another teen was found under the vehicle after being thrown from the car during the initial impact.

The two boys who survived the crash, Brian Henry, 18, and Asher Lewis, 15, were treated for injuries after escaping from the submerged vehicle and ran home to call the authorities.

A cold water rescue team was deployed to the scene to remove the victims. Warren Fire Department Capt. Bill Monrean said the water temperature gave the teens a fighting chance at survival.

"Cold water extends life. We knew we had a chance, even being in there a while,” Monrean said.

Two of the teens were pronounced dead at a local hospital after being treated for cardiac arrest and suffering from hypothermic drowning trauma.

The exact speed and whether alcohol and drugs were involved is unknown at this time.

State police identified the deceased to include the vehicle’s driver, Alexis Cayson, 19; Andrique Bennett, 14; Brandon Murray, 17; Kirklan Behner, 15; Ramone White, 15; and Ray White, 15.

Family and friends of the victims gathered his week, leaving mementos such as teddy bears, flowers and candles at the crash site.

“All I know is my baby is gone,” said Derrick Ray, dad to 15-year-old Daylan Ray, who described his son a talented football player.

Half-sister to Ray, Mariah Bryant, 12, left a note for her sibling at the site.

“It hurts, it really does, because they are so young and, like, they could have had so much more to life,” she said.

Aisha Cayson, sister to the driver of the crash Alexis, called her sibling a “clown” and urged the importance of appreciating family.

“You never know what can happen. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody," Cayson said.

Friend to Behner, 18-year-old Rickie Bowling, said the teen was one of a kind, well-known in the neighborhood and a class clown.

“Enjoy life while you’ve got it and while you’re here, and enjoy people that you love,” Behner said, stating that her friend was now in a better place.

Memorial Facebook pages have already been set up for a few of the victims.

One commenter left a message on the memorial for Ray, saying that all the teens will be missed.

“You all were and are still greatly loved. Their spirit will live on in my heart forever. See u n the next life,” Yolanda Vogle-Jones wrote.

According to Ray's memorial page, all six victims had been laid to rest by Tuesday.