It's been an entertaining presidential race, and Wednesday night's CNN debate was no different. Business tycoon and Republican front-runner Donald Trump dominated the night with his expected insults and jokes. Other candidates were frequently asked about their opinions on Trump's views or his personality. When he didn't like their answer, or when they attacked his character, Trump didn't hold back.

The second half of the debate shifted from insults to policy, but a few comedic moments still came through. Here are some of the memorable moments from the debate -- the gaffes and insults, the high points and low points, the love and hate.




Things got heated between Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Trump:




But the tension cooled off by the end. A rare moment of peace-making between the two:




U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio came prepared:



Trump and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson have continued to lead the GOP race, as some of those initially expected to be the front-runners, including Bush, saw their support sink to single digits. Trump, whose campaign has been marked by gaffes and insults, has repeatedly traded jabs with Bush and Carson. His demeanor at times has brought his viability as a presidential candidate into question, as some have characterized his statements as offensive.

Trump continues to lead in polls. A CBS News/New York Times poll found he has a 4 percent lead over Carson with 27 percent support. 

CNN invited 11 Republican presidential candidates to appear during the top-tier GOP debate, which began at 8 p.m. EDT. Four lower-polling candidates were selected for a “happy hour” debate at 6 p.m. The debates were held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.