Bandai Namco’s "Code Vein" beta promises to show some of the early parts of this upcoming “Soulslike” game. Players who’ve applied for code can now start playing this game. Here’s what we know about the "Code Vein" beta.

According to the official site, the "Code Vein" beta is a network test that aims to try out its multiplayer features. However, the developers have made sure to put it some early story content about "Code Vein" instead of just providing players with missions and areas to explore unlike the previous "God Eater 3" beta.

Before players get started, players would be led into a character creation menu where they can choose to be a boy or a girl character. "Code Vein" offers many customization options even weird ones that can upsize their hats to look silly on their character. Once done, players can start playing the game.

In "Code Vein," players are called Revenants, super-enhanced humans risen from the dead by a certain parasite. Most Revenants are known to immediately turn into monsters after being infected but technology has found a way to stop the infection halfway. The controlled infection would allow to the human to return back from the dead with their mind still intact. However, the full story of "Code Vein" is yet to be revealed in this beta test.

Similar to the “Dark Souls” games, “Code Vein’s” gameplay is on 3D areas where players must carefully strafe down foes before hitting them to death. Players also work on a limited Stamina resource which gets spent on every swing, evasive move, and sprint that they do. Once the player is used to this system, players can now explore the limited content of this beta as much as they want.

Aside from running around, players can find new weapons and equipment as they progress through the beta. The developers also confirm hidden weapons in the beta which could be a much stronger alternative than the simple lead pipe, axe, rifle, and daggers found in the early part of their adventure.

“Code Vein” is expected to have 2019 release but the developers haven’t specified which month yet.

Code Vein
Code Vein has been delayed to a 2019 release date. Bandai Namco