2017 is right around the corner and Comcast customers will get to ring in the New Year with a considerable increase to their cable and internet bill according to a report from the Consumerist.

The Consumerist was forwarded a message a Comcast customer received that noted a change in billing was in store at the start of 2017. The imposed increase would bump up the Broadcast TV and Regional Sports fees—which Comcast claims it uses to recoup costs of it pays to air content from regional networks—up by 50 percent.

The fees increase will bump the Broadcast TV fee up from $5 per month to $7, while the Regional Sports fee moves up from $3 per month to $5. The combined fee increases, which works out to a jump from $8 per month to $12, will add $48 per year to Comcast subscribers’ bill.

Ars Technica and DSLR Reports got hold of similar notifications from Comcast subscribers, indicating the rate hikes will hit a considerable chunk of customers.

Comcast confirmed the increases to IBTimes, suggesting all subscribers will see the price bump.

“We continue to make investments in our network and technology to give customers more for their money – like faster Internet service and more WiFi hotspots, more video across viewing screens, better technology like X1 and a better customer experience,” a spokesperson for Comcast told IBTimes. “Unfortunately, the costs we are charged to carry popular networks continue to increase significantly - especially broadcast television and sports programming, which are the largest drivers of increases in price adjustments.”

The spokesperson explained Comcast customers will see their bills increase on average by 3.8 in 2017—”less than half the projected increase in our programing costs,” according to the spokesperson.

Charges like the Broadcast TV and Regional Sports fees are tacked on after the advertised bill price. It’s a practice that has landed Comcast in hot water and resulted in a lawsuit from consumers claiming the company presents false prices. Charter has come under fire for similar practices.

Comcast first introduced the Broadcast TV fee in 2014. It charged $1.50 per month at the time. The Regional Sports charge was introduced in 2015, costing $1 per month. The rates have skyrocketed year after year since being introduced, now costing consumers a combined $12 per month.