The defining technology trade show of the '80's and '90's is making a return this November, revived as an online-only event.

The Computer Dealer's Exhibition, more commonly known as Comdex, became an annual fixture when it began in 1979, featuring keynotes from leading industry figures.

The show was canceled after the dot-com bust and was subsequently sold to United Business Media for $1 in 2006.

On Thursday, however, UBM said the show will return to its November spot, not in Las Vegas, but in a virtual world.

Attendees will tour the virtual halls, picking up virtual catalogues, and having conversations with other attendees in the event.

Virtual events parallel the classic business model of traditional trade shows, with vendors and exhibitors paying the organizers.

UBM had spent four years deciding what to do with the Comdex brand, but speaking to the UK's FT, UBM CEO David Levin said it now felt it knew enough virtual events to make a success of an online version.

It has run 63 virtual events in the past two years, the biggest of them attracting 5,000 people, and expects to stage more than 100 in 2010.

The virtual Comdex will target a narrower group of dealers, resellers and systems integrators, Levin said.

The event is scheduled to take place November 16-17 of this year.