Rob Lowe is about to get burned.

According to reports, Comedy Central has chosen the Golden Globe-winning actor as the newest victim to star on the celebrity roast series. So keep your fire extinguishers on standby, readers, because when the network airs its sidesplitting special, things will get scorched.

“Rob Lowe is handsome, talented, successful and handsome. He needs to be roasted,” Comedy Central President Ken Alterman said in a press release. And, oddly enough, “The Grinder” star agrees!

“What a thrill to once again be following in Justin Bieber’s footsteps,” Lowe quipped, confirming he would be the newest red carpet star to get charred following Bieber’s 2015 roasting. “I look forward to a night of hilarious jokes recycled from the James Franco Roast. I would like to express my gratitude to the members of my family who have passed away and therefore will not have to endure what promises to be a very special evening.”

And while we’re looking forward to watching the 52-year-old heartthrob get heckled in the forthcoming installment, which has yet to be given a date, we’re even more excited to see who will be doing the heckling! Check out our dream team of roasters who would undoubtedly rip the blue-eyed “Parks and Recreation” actor to shreds:

1. Nick Offerman – Offerman, who starred on the hit NBC series “Parks and Recreation” with Lowe for six years, has used his handsome friend within his comedy routines before. During the funny man’s act, “American Ham,” Offerman discussed just how handsome Lowe is. But we have a feeling that if Offerman is selected as a roaster, he won’t be discussing Lowe’s “magic” face in his standup.

2. Megan Mullally – The “Will & Grace” actress, who also starred with Lowe on the TV series “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” would be the perfect addition to the roasting crew. She’s tough, blunt and her comedic background makes her the perfect actress to bring audiences to tears (tears of laughter, that is!).

3. Aziz Ansari – The “Parks and Recreation” actor is no stranger to roasting his friends on the Comedy Central series. In 2013, the comedian took to the stage to roast James Franco, giving him the perfect practice to to take down his longtime friend and co-star.

4. Allison Janney – The “Mom” actress starred alongside Lowe for many years in the award-winning series “The West Wing,” which concluded in 2006. That means Janney has a vast collection of Lowe-inspired memories — memories that may be revealed during the upcoming Roast.

5. Retta – It would definitely be a treat if the “Parks and Recreation” actress was asked to join the roasters panel. After all, she managed to make viewers laugh for seven seasons on the NBC comedy, with some of her jokes at the expense of Lowe’s character.

6. Sally Field – The firecracker of an actress, who acted alongside Lowe in the five-season series “Brothers & Sisters,” isn’t afraid to push boundaries. We have a feeling Field would bring the heat if she had a chance to roast her former co-star.

7. Charlie Sheen – The former roastee, who starred in the 2011 special, is a good friend of Lowe and has been since the actors were teenagers. Their lifelong camaraderie would give Sheen Grade A material to use in a standup routine focused on America’s favorite hunk.

Who do you want to see roast Rob Lowe in the upcoming Comedy Central special? Sound off in the comments section below.