Nokia designer Marko Ahtisaari has confirmed Nokia is working on building a tablet computer, but no other details were offered up. A Windows 8-powered 10-inch tablet would be logical given Nokia's close relationship with Microsoft, but that is not confirmed. Ahtisaari did an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio, and only leaked this nugget by saying he spent 30% of his time on the project. If a Nokia tablet comes to fruition, a Windows 8 version could be the best chance yet for any tablet to take on the new iPad and its revolutionary HD display.

The problem then would be how to get people to see it as just another tablet in an already crowded space. Would Microsoft make it another Windows tablet for professionals or make it more like an Xbox 360 portable? There's already a lot riding on the Windows 8 launch later this year, so taking on the iPad directly might be asking even too much of Microsoft. Nevertheless, designers have already taken the courtesy to draft some nice concept designs of their own should Nokia need a hint or two from prospective buyers. Perhaps Microsoft could eventually throw in some Kinect functions for some futuristic 3-D gesture controls. Apple already is working on this technology, though without the Kinect part obviously. Start the slideshow to see some cool Nokia concept tablets from various designers, and how it could possibly match up to the iPad. Let us know if you think Microsoft's Metro design would look good on a tablet or if you think it needs more work.

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