• Crunchyroll has released a new character trailer for "The God of High School"
  • The trailer features Jin Mori, Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi in action
  • The anime series is scheduled to release in July 2020

The anime adaptation of Yongje Park’s “The God of High School” received a new character trailer. Crunchyroll released the trailer that showcases three main characters – Jin Mori, Yu Mi-Ra, and Han Dae-Wi.

This article contains spoilers for “The God of High School” anime series.

The trailer introduces the three characters who will compete on the main stage for the ultimate prize.

According to the trailer, the participants of the tournament can pick any fighting style and weapon to battle and defeat the opponents.

Jin Mori, a high school student and the main protagonist of the show, uses renewal taekwondo, which he learned from his grandfather. His technique makes him unbeatable. He has 297 wins, and two draws under his belt in 299 fights.

Han Dae-Wi is one of the members of Mad Cows that controlled the Gangnam area. This tall fighter uses full-contact karate to beat his opponents.

Yo Mi-Ra is a high school student like Jin, and she is the 25th Master o the Moon Ligh Sword Style. She is competing in “The God of High School” tournament to find her potential partner.

“This action-packed series follows a high schooler and his friends as they compete in an epic tournament, borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way… With the promise of their heart's deepest desires, motivating their tournament victory,” reads the official series synopsis.

The cast includes Tatsumaru Tachibana as Jin Mori, Kentaro Kumagal as Han Dae-Wi, Ayaka Ohashi as Yu Mi-Ra, Daisuke Namikawa as Park Mu-Bong, Tomokazu Sugita as Gang Man-Suk, Asami Tano as Commissioner P, Chikahiro Kobayashi as Commissioner R, Kenji Hamada s Commissioner Q, Tomokazu Seki as Announcer T and Yuki Kaida as Commissioner O.

The anime series is directed by Seong Ho Park. The music is composed by Arisa Okehazama. Kuniko Iwatani and Sachiko Nishiguchi are the art directors. Kisuke Koizumi is the sound director. The series is edited by Satoshi Aihara.

“The God of High School” anime is slated to air in July. The anime will be officially streamed on Crunchyroll.

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