Bad Florida weather leads Discovery space shuttle to Calif.

NASA has ordered astronauts aboard space shuttle Discovery to switch to a backup runway in California for their planned landing Friday because thunderstorms blocked its return home to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Microsoft $358 Mln damage award overturned by US court

A U.S. court of appeals on Friday overturned a $358 million damages award against software maker Microsoft Corp in a long-running patent dispute with French telecoms equipment firm Alcatel-Lucent.

Hacker Gonzalez pleads guilty in largest U.S. identity theft crime

Hacker Albert Gonzalez, accused of masterminding the massive data thefts at BJ's Wholesale Club, TJX and several other retailers, pleaded guilty to some of the largest identity-theft crimes on record on Friday while leaving the federal judge wondering how to compensate his millions of victims.