On Friday night, "Dateline" will examine the convoluted story of Derek Alldred and the many women that he reportedly conned out of millions of dollars.

In 1992, a woman named Vanessa, who had been attending UCLA, said she had started dating Alldred. At the time, he had told her he was a med student. Throughout their relationship, she would go with him to the children's hospital where he was reportedly doing research and noticed that he was well-received by those that worked at the facility.

Her belief that they would one day start a family abruptly ended after a year and a half. After informing her that he had plans to visit his parents, he took off with a gold bracelet and $2,000 of her money, which was the last time she saw him.

However, 25 years later, she decided to do a search for his name online and came across a news story that piqued her interest. In the article, it revealed that he had also stolen money from another woman named Cindi Pardini.

In the years after Alldred disappeared from Vanessa's life, he had reportedly gone on to assume several other identities as a way of stealing from unsuspecting women. He told Cindi that he was an investment banker, but he told others that he had previously been a Navy vet and a former fighter pilot.

Eventually, the women met each other and realized they had all been conned in the same way, which led them to compare notes and work together in an effort to prevent him from continuing his scheme.

Aside from the questionable behavior he exhibited towards the women, Alldred also supposedly had created fake names, fake social security numbers, and "dozens of prescriptions" at various pharmacies. He also allegedly opened countless credit cards in the names of the women and charged thousands of dollars.

On Friday, NBC correspondent Andrea Canning will take a closer look at how Alldred was brought to justice through an extensive investigation.

This episode of "Dateline," called "The Perfect Guy," will air Friday night at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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