Comedian Dave Chappelle, who is known for his searing racial commentary, had some criticism for the Black Lives Matter movement during a low key stand-up set in New York Saturday. 

During a warm-up show for an upcoming string of concerts at New York City's Cutting Room, Chappelle got candid about the controversial social justice movement. While the comedian did not attack the motives of Black Lives Matter protesters — he has repeatedly spoken out against police brutality and aggressive policing in black communities — he did weigh in on the group's now iconic slogan. 

"'Black Lives Matter' is a terrible slogan," Chappelle reportedly said, according to celebrity news site Showbiz411. "When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?"

Chappelle went on to say that "Enough is Enough" would be a more apt slogan to call for social justice and police reform — that line was recently used by NBA player Dwyane Wade after his cousin was shot and killed by stray gunfire last week while walking with her baby in Chicago. Chappelle also discussed how his support for Hillary Clinton in the November election created tension in his relationship with conservative actress Stacey Dash. He had begun his set by warning the crowd that it would be a "racist show." 

In response to the comments on Black Lives Matter, Chappelle's publicist, Carla Sims, told Mic, "It's a comedy show. Saying 'black lives matter' is like calling gum chewy."

There is no video footage of Chappelle's comments because the comedian does not allow audience members to keep their cell phones or cameras during his performances. 

The Black Lives Matter criticism was unexpected from Chappelle, who has a history of dissecting racism in his comedy and criticizing police brutality.

"The biggest enemy of an artist is apathy," Chappelle said in 2015. "A kid gets killed by the police and I buy a T-shirt and before I can wear that one, there's another kid [killed] and I'm running out of closet space."

Chappelle played Monday night at New York's Gramercy Theatre with more shows to come on Tuesday night and Thursday night.