• “Days Gone” character models can only be swapped for the Challenges mode
  • Bike accents can be changed by interacting with bike upgrade mechanics in camps
  • Players will naturally unlock these skins by making progress with the story and Challenge maps

The release of “Days Gone” for PC has been received quite well by the Steam community. Along their journey across the rural Pacific Northwest, players will be able to unlock new custom skins and paintjobs for their bikes, as well as unlock new player models and skins for a completely different game mode.

However, how these cosmetic mechanics work in “Days Gone” is a little confusing. The game doesn’t really explain what skins are for or what sub-menu alters which bike part.

Here’s a quick guide on how to change these cosmetic items in-game.

How to change character models in “Days Gone”

Character models can only be changed in the Challenges mode. Unfortunately, players will not be able to swap characters while in the game’s campaign/freeroam mode.

Players will have to unlock the models first by spending credits that they earn in Challenges. Once unlocked, players will be able to pick the character they want to play as before they start a trial. There are 12 different models available, and most of them require a certain rep level to be reached before they can be unlocked.

'Days Gone'
We need to know what sets ‘Days Gone’ apart from other Zombie games. Bend Studio/SIE

The credits earned in Challenges mode are completely separate from the credits players earn in the main campaign. Those who want to unlock all of the models will have to grind enough credits and rep levels before they can get the models they want to obtain.

How to change bike skins

Skins and paintjobs for Deacon’s bike can be unlocked using various ways in the game’s main story mode. The bike can be customized by visiting camp mechanics that specifically offer bike upgrades. Interact with a mechanic and go to the “Paint and Decals” category to see all of the available paintjobs.

The end of each storyline in “Days Gone” will reward players with custom skins that can be applied to their bikes. These skins can be found under the “Custom Accents” menu within the “Paint and Decals” screen. All of these are free to apply, and players can change them at any time they like.