• PS Plus free games for May include "Battlefield V," "Wreckfest" and "Stranded Deep"
  • "Wreckfest" is limited to PS5 owners only
  • This is the fifth month in a row where Sony included a triple-A title in PS Plus

It’s another interesting month for PlayStation players thanks to a new lineup of amazing games that they can download for free via PlayStation Plus. Sony is on a roll with this year’s free games, and the company’s streak got extended with its offers for May.

The free PS Plus games for May are “Battlefield V” and “Stranded Deep” for PS4, while “Wreckfest” is going to be the month’s PS5 exclusive. There’s no overarching theme this time unlike last month’s zombie-fest but with three highly-acclaimed titles, PS Plus subscribers will have more than their money’s worth of games to play with.

May’s free PS Plus games were definitely unexpected. Many PS fans at the r/PlayStationPlus subreddit expected at least one “Star Wars” game in honor of the annual “Star Wars Day” fan celebration every 4th of May. Some had hopes to see “Jedi Fallen Order” or “Battlefront 2” to make its way to PS Plus, but “Battlefield V” is just about as good as the others, theme aside.

“Battlefield V” endured a rocky pre-launch with terrible PR and tone-deaf game design choices and developer decisions, but it ultimately shaped up to be a good “Battlefield” game. Most fans have considered it to have the best gunplay in any other game in the franchise that’s topped off by DICE’s legendary sound design.

Promotional image for Battlefield V
Promotional image for Battlefield V. Electronic Arts

“Wreckfest” offers a similar destruction-filled spectacle but in the form of a demolition derby racing game with a highly-detailed damage simulation system. Players will see every dent, bent fender, wrecked hoods and everything else that a crashed car might have in supreme detail. The game was made by the same team who developed “FlatOut,” and it is considered to be that game’s spiritual predecessor.

On the other hand, “Stranded Deep” is less chaotic but still quite dangerous. Players will have to explore and survive alone on a deserted island with nothing but their wits and whatever’s available to survive. The game has an emphasis on underwater exploration. It’s contemporary and realistic setting sets it apart from the likes of “Subnautica” and “The Forest,” and it’s a great pick for gamers looking for a straight-up survival game.