She was horrified when she learned she could be pregnant because there's a good chance the child is actually one she conceived with her brother-in-law when one of her other personalities had control over her life and actions. Now, Abigail will take steps to find out if he—or her husband—is the father of the child she is carrying on the Monday, July 2 episode of "Days of Our Lives."

Abigail (Marci Miller) realized she could be pregnant, and after confiding in Gabi (Camila Banus) with her dilemma over the fact that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) could be the father, she took a test, which confirmed she was in fact pregnant. This wasn't the news she was hoping for on the NBC soap because she's terrified of the baby potentially not being Chad's (Billy Flynn). However, Gabi assured her she could find out the truth before she needs to tell Chad anything, which will persuade Abigail to do whatever is necessary when it comes to the information.

Days of Our Lives
Abigail (Marci Miller) carries out her plan to find out who the father of her baby is on the July 2, 2018, episode of "Days of Our Lives." NBC

Abigail needs to know the truth not only because she wants to be honest with her husband about the pregnancy and the situation she's in, but because the outcome of the paternity test will likely determine what she decides to do. If the baby is, in fact, Chad's from their one night together, then they can go on being a happy family with their son, without worrying about it.

However, if the baby was conceived when "Gabby" had taken over and gone to bed with Stefan, it will be a situation she and Chad will need to handle delicately. If Stefan can figure out that the baby is actually is, it will lead to some major problems for them, as he won't give up the rights to his child without a fight, and the last thing anyone would want is for him to raise a child to grow up and be like him.

In addition, Abigail would need to decide, provided Stefan is the baby's father, whether or not she wants to keep the child at all, and it will be a decision she may feel she needs to make with Chad's support. However, she won't say anything until she knows for a fact which man got her pregnant.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.