Zombie survivor horror game “DayZ” developer Bohemia Interactive responded to a number of complaints about the alpha title via its game forum earlier this week. The multiplayer, open-world game is still in development and isn't a finished product yet, game producer Brian Hicks said. 

“You are not playing ‘DayZ,’ you are playing development builds. Early development builds,” Hicks reminded fans, addressing more than nine pages of player complaints about the title. “’DayZ’ is 11 months into principle development, on what should be a 3-year standard-development cycle. I can't force you to be a fan of ‘DayZ,’ but I can call this out -- defining or judging what ‘DayZ’ is by a build so early in its development is much a kin to judging a painting within the first few brush strokes.”

As of Aug.29, “DayZ” has reached more than 2.5 million players, according to game designer Dean Hall, 33.

“I can promise you none of your favorite AAA games played, or even resembled the final product that early in their cycles,” Hicks said. “Okay, maybe some of the larger titles that push small incremental updates out every 12 months -- but we all know those are special snowflakes.”

Hicks advised those who were getting frustrated with the game to take some time off from playing "DayZ."

“Take a break, and come back in beta or even the full release. The Early Access period of development will have many peaks and low, low valleys. This is the nature of software development. Yes, it is stressful as heck -- for all of us, but you get to be part of shaping the ‘DayZ’ experience,” he said.

“DayZ” launched on Dec. 17 on Steam Early Access in an alpha release. After one hour, the game had recruited 19,000 users. During the first 12 hours, the new title drew 88,000 players. After 24 hours, “DayZ” had been downloaded 172,500 times. The open-world, multiplayer title was created by New Zealander Dean Hall and developed by Bohemia Interactive. “DayZ” is a standalone version of the award-winning mod of the same name. The phrase "open-world" refers to video games in which players can roam freely in the game's digital world instead of staying on a set course or track.

“DayZ” is a basic survival horror game, where players take on tasks like gathering food, supplies, medicine, clothing and water in a 225-square-kilometer (139-square-mile) area. Items can be collected in random places such as abandoned vehicles, homes and barns. Players can also pick up weapons for protection from other players or the undead.

“DayZ” was confirmed for Sony’s PlayStation 4 during gamescom in Germany last month, but no release date has been announced. Sadly, it could be years before the title is playable on the console, since “DayZ” is still in its alpha phase.