"Batman/Superman" will be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Jae Lee. DC Comics/Jae Lee

“Batman/Superman” is a new comic series that will feature the two biggest DC Comics characters sharing the same pages. The new comic will premiere in June and will be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Jae Lee.

The new series is set in the “The New 52” universe. DC Comics launched “The New 52” as a way to reset all of its monthly series and start fresh. Batman and Superman have been featured together, most notably in “Justice League,” but the new series will create a new backstory for how the two superheroes met.

Pak is a veteran writer who previously worked at Marvel Comics. Pak worked on the “X-Treme X-Men” series, as well as the “World War Hulk” miniseries, “Silver Surfer,” “War Machine,” “X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong” and “Iron Man: House of M.” Lee has also had quite the impressive career working at Marvel, DC and Image. Lee’s work on “Inhumans” earned him an Eisner Award for Best New Series in 1999, and he also illustrated the “Dark Tower” series, “Namor the Sub-Mariner,” “Captain America” in 2003 and, most recently, “Before Watchmen: Ozymandias” for DC.

Pak is making his DC debut with “Batman/Superman” and spoke to USA Today about the project. Working on a big title such as Superman, Batman or X-Men can define a writer or illustrator’s legacy, and Pak and Lee are tasked with creating a series with the two biggest names DC has to offer.

“It is a real thrill, and it's particularly a thrill, because we're being given some real leeway to do some really important storytelling with these characters," Pak told USA Today. "It really defines some great things and to depict some really key moments for them.”

According to Pak, Batman and Superman are both learning what it means to be superheroes, and fans should expect some interesting conversations between the two as they don’t start off as best friends. There is also a villain that will bring the two together, although Pak will not reveal just who Superman and Batman will encounter. The new series will not be linked to the earlier “Batman/Superman” series that began in 2003.

“These are two of the biggest iconic characters out there, and, as much as I enjoy reading their comics and watching their movies, working on them is a lot of pressure," Jim Lee, DC Comics co-publisher, said. "I want it to be fun, but it's also scary at the same time.”

“Batman/Superman” will be released in June.