• "Death Stranding Director's Cut" releases on Sept. 24
  • PS4 users who have a copy of the game can try the new content by paying $10
  • New information about "Death Stranding 2" surfaced online recently


"Death Stranding Director's Cut" is set to release a few weeks from now and it appears it is not the only surprise Hideo Kojima has for fans. Many fans believe "Death Stranding 2" could enter production very soon if the latest statement about the title is anything to go by.

"Death Stranding" actor Norman Reedus has seemingly spilled the beans about the plans game director Hideo Kojima has for the IP.

"I think we're doing a second Death Stranding," Reedus, who is also a friend of Kojima, told journalists during a roundtable for "Walking Dead Season 11."

Death Stranding 2 Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said "Death Stranding" will make players cry. Photo: PlayStation.Blog / Flickr

The actor also said he believes Kojima and PlayStation are in negotiations over "Death Stranding 2."

Unfortunately, he did not provide any other details about the game sequel. Since Reedus is not yet officially signed on the project, "Death Stranding 2" could be a long way from an official announcement.

However, if negotiations between involved parties push through, the team could start the game's development very soon.

There is a chance the actor may have confused the sequel with another project. However, Reedus has had offered accurate details about upcoming unannounced projects in the past.

The actor was planned to star in the now-canceled "Silent Hills" project and after it did not push through, he confirmed future projects with the game director.

After that, Reedus, who starred as Sam Porter in "Death Stranding and in 2020, confirmed he will work with Kojima on "other stuff." Now, the "Walking Dead" actor claims he will be working on "Death Stranding 2."

Reedus' latest comment is the first statement suggesting that there is a sequel to the hit action game.

Since this information is not yet official, fans should temper their expectations about the game's sequel.

Meanwhile, "Death Stranding Director's Cut" is anticipated to launch a plethora of exciting content alongside new story missions heavily centered on combat.

Based on a new trailer released at last week's Gamescom, it looks like there are more content coming to the game. 

"Death Stranding Director's Cut" is set to release on Sept. 24 for PlayStation 4 and PS5 games. PS4 owners who have a copy of the base game can try the new content for a $10 upgrade.