Fans continue to wait for more details and updates about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming title, “Death Stranding.” Thankfully, it won’t be long as details will be arriving real soon.

Famed game creator Hideo Kojima, maker of the critically acclaimed “Metal Gear” series of games, is working on another title perceived to be a blockbuster in its own right. This title is Kojima’s first since he left Konami a few years back, and fans are excited to see his new game, made by his own company.

Engadget reported that fans have been treated with nothing but snippets and cutscenes that effectively tease the gaming public without giving away any plot or gameplay detail. Hopefully, these much-desired details are coming in real soon.


A few days ago, Kojima tweeted a 30-second clip that features a cryptic message with an ambiguous background. The clip featured a hand shaped opening from which various scenes can be seen. It’s unclear as to what those scenes are, but fans might be able to recognize some things, aside from the “Create the rope” tagline shown.

A day later, Kojima Productions started a countdown to May 29, saying “Create the rope.” The game company didn’t mention anything more than that. It did, however, include a photo of the game on the tweet.

After this, Kojima tweeted a 25-second clip with an ambiguous background. This time, the opening was bigger (it was shaped like two hands), and the words “help us reconnect” were shown on the clip.

While the clips didn’t reveal much detail, we are assured that the game company will do something a few days from now. The Game Awards, in its Instagram account, said Kojima “will “cut the rope” for Death Stranding” on May 29. Whether that means a release or just another update remains to be seen.

What we know

We don’t know if Kojima Productions will show another trailer on May 29 and make people wait longer, show some gameplay footage, or surprise the world by launching the game on that day.

What we do know is that the new title features a star-studded cast, including Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead,” Mads Mikkelsen, and veteran game actor Troy Baker. Obviously, Kojima is preparing something big.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Death Stranding
Players who play "Death Stranding" using the special edition BB-themed DualShock4 controller will hear BB's voice, Hideo Kojima said. Kojima Productions