Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus plays the protagonist in Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding.” Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

“Death Stranding” is shaping up to be a star-studded, action-packed game. It has been revealed recently that famous American voice actor Troy Baker has joined the team of actors playing the characters in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game.

At Tokyo Games Show late last week, a new teaser trailer for “Death Stranding” was shown. The clip showcased a new antagonist called The Man in the Golden Mask, who is voiced by Baker. Baker has a long list of video game credits under his belt. He voiced Sam Drake in “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” Joel in “The Last of Us Part II,” Jason Todd in “Batman: Arkham VR,” and many more characters from different franchises.

Baker joins Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, Emily O'Brien, Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux. Reedus, who is mostly known for his role as Daryl Dixon in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” television series, was revealed to be the protagonist of the game from the get-go. Based on a listing on IMDb, Reedus’ character is named Sam Porter Bridges. Meanwhile, the identities of the other characters have yet to be revealed.

Going back to the teaser that debuted at the Tokyo Games Show, it showed that Baker’s The Man in the Golden Mask appears to be hiding something. Apparently, when the character took off his golden mask, he seems to be wearing another mask underneath, as pointed out by Eurogamer.

The golden mask also appears to be some sort of a key to a portal or a magical item because when Baker’s character dropped to his knees and placed the golden mask on the ground, some black goo and human-like bodies surfaced out of nowhere. The strands of the black goo then combined to form a humongous monster that looks like a black lion with a golden face.

Baker’s character then warns Reedus’ Sam that in order for him to survive, he needs to find a way to not get eaten by the behemoth. “All you got to do to make it out alive is not get eaten. Sound like fun? Course it does,” the Man in the Golden Mask says before he puts on his mask again and vanishes into thin air. The trailer then ends with the monster roaring wildly in front of Sam.

“Death Stranding” is bound to hit the PlayStation 4 console next year. Kojima hasn’t revealed if the game is coming to other platforms.