Dell appears to be joining Microsoft in luring artists to patronize an innovative product that facilitates high-tech creativity. At this year’s CES, the Round Rock, Texas-headquartered company is showcasing a Surface Studio-like device, called the Canvas. 

Dell’s Canvas features a large 27-inch touchscreen display, which is just an inch smaller than that of Microsoft’s all-in-one PC. The Canvas is designed to be an artist’s working tool, so it can easily be laid flat on the surface (no pun intended!) or angled up like an easel thanks to its kickstand. What’s quite noticeable about this device is its rather large bezels. While this may be a turn off for some, Dell reps told Engadget that the company designed it this way to provide artists with a surface to rest their palms on, especially when they are sketching along the screen’s edges. 

Dell has also introduced a circular off-hand device, called the Totem. This resembles the Surface Dial in appearance and in use. Because this accessory also utilizes the same technology as that of the Surface Dial, one can use Microsoft’s puck on the Canvas and Dell’s computer wouldn’t have a problem processing its controls. 

It is important to note that Dell does not intend to make the Canvas a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Surface Studio. Apparently, though the new slab is also made with digital artists in mind, it is more of just a large Wacom tablet than an all-in-one PC. It isn’t a standalone device like the Surface Studio. Instead, it is an interactive touchscreen display, as per TechCrunch. Also, Dell reps have clarified that the company developed the Canvas long before Microsoft introduced the Surface Studio. 

The Dell Canvas features a QHD display with 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. It has anti-glare Gorilla Glass on top of its sharp display. It weighs 18.5 pounds and comes with a Stylus. For interested consumers, Dell has revealed that its 27-inch device will retail for $2,000 starting March 30.