• Gloria Henry began her career in 1947
  • She played the female lead in "Sport of Kings"
  • Henry died a day after she turned 98

Veteran actress Gloria Henry died Saturday, one day after she celebrated her 98th birthday.

Henry's daughter, Erin Ellwood, took to Instagram on Sunday to announce the news.

"She’s flying now, free of her body. She left on a countdown 4 3 2 1 @ 3:40pm. She was such an incredible woman in so many ways," she captioned. "This last year with her has been beautiful and heartbreaking."

"Thank you all for following me and supporting me on this journey - this beautiful land mine. Goodbye Momma, I love your guts forever," she wrote.

Ellwood had posted a birthday tribute to her mother on Friday.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! It’s been a rough month - we weren’t sure if she would make it to 98, but she did! And what a delightful surprise to receive this card from #dennisthemenace #cartoonist Marcus Hamilton!" he captioned. "Thank you Marcus, you definitely put a smile on her face!"

Henry was popularly known for the old "Dennis the Menace" sitcom, which was first launched in 1959 on the CBS network. The final episode of the show was released on July 7, 1963. Henry portrayed Dennis' mother, Alice Mitchell's character.

The actress began her acting career in 1947 as a female lead in "Sport of Kings," opposite actor Paul Campbell. She went on to work in many movies such as "Keeper of the Bees," "Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back," "Adventures in Silverado," and "Miss Grant Takes Richmond."

However, after "Dennis the Menace" sitcom, Henry’s career slowed down as she had become typecast in mom characters. On the personal front, she divorced her husband Robert Lamb in 1948 and married Craig Ellwood in 1949, who was one of the most influential modernist architects in Los Angeles.

Ellwood and Henry ended their marriage in 1977, after having three kids together.

Henry had once reflected on the relationship she shared with her children, saying, "Many of the fans say, 'Oh, I always wished you were my mom' and 'My mom was jealous of you, because I wanted you for a mom.' Which is pretty funny, because I don't think my own children felt that way. All they knew was, I was off to work, and I wasn't with them as much as they would have liked me to be," media outlet NJ in 2019.

"Dennis the Menace" is currently streaming on Tubi for free.

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