• Some exotics are better for clearing PvE content than others
  • Versatility is important when considering what exotic gear to use
  • Titans can fulfill a variety of roles depending on their build and loadout

There are plenty of exotic armor pieces for Titans to use in “Destiny 2” that are useful for all sorts of in-game content. However, some do perform better in PvE than in the Crucible, which makes them more preferable to use.

Titans can provide their fireteam with devastating firepower, invaluable support or an unbreakable frontline if geared properly.

Here are some exotic armor pieces for “Destiny 2” players to consider when building for PvE.

Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers Photo: Bungie

Precious Scars

This helmet grants the user and their allies an overshield every time the user revives or gets revived. It is useful for getting clutch revives in high-pressure scenarios in Nightfalls and raids, but there’s more to this than that.

Recently, Bungie fixed the healing effect of Precious Scars. Every time the user lands a final blow using a weapon that matches their subclass element, all nearby Guardians will get healed immediately. This effect does have a cooldown, but it is great for topping everyone off to help keep them going in a fight.

Path of Burning Steps

This exotic leg armor buffs all Solar damage after scoring final blows with Solar weapons or abilities. The neat thing about Path of Burning Steps is that it isn’t restricted to Sunbreakers, so every subclass can make use of the Solar damage buff.

However, Path of Burning Steps allows for some ridiculously strong grenade and throwing hammer builds for Sunbreakers, making this a versatile pick for Guardians who want to deal more damage.

Cuirass of the Falling Star

Simply enough, Cuirass of the Falling Star dramatically increases the damage of Thundercrash, which is great for one-shotting bosses or dealing extreme damage to one. It also grants the user an overshield to help them survive any follow-up attacks after they land.

The only real downside to this chest piece is that its usage is limited to the Code of the Missile tree for Striker Titans, which also means that F2P players won’t be able to use this.

An Insurmountable Skullfort

Like the Cuirass, Skullfort is limited to the Striker subclass. However, this provides nigh-unlimited melee energy as long as the user lands final blows with their melee ability.

This is especially useful in low-stress activities like Astral Alignment, as Skullfort can allow Titans to spam Ballistic Slam to clear large groups of enemies in one go.