• Most of "Destiny 2's" old exotics can be bought from the Monument to Lost Lights
  • These exotics require rare materials that can be found randomly or purchased from vendors
  • The Monument to Lost Lights houses exotic items and legendary weapons that can no longer be obtained normally 

Ever since “Beyond Light’s” release, a significant chunk of “Destiny 2’s” arsenal of exotic weapons has been locked inside the Monument to Lost Lights, which is essentially a new vendor where players can get exotics of their choice.

This kiosk removes the randomness of Xur’s inventory refresh and lets players pick the exact item that they want to obtain. However, this does come at the cost of some very rare or expensive materials. Due to this, picking the right exotic demands an educated decision.

Here are some of the best exotic weapons players can pull from the Monument to Lost Lights in “Destiny 2.

The Ace of Spades exotic handcannon in Destiny 2 The Ace of Spades exotic handcannon in Destiny 2 Photo: Destiny 2

Ace of Spades

This 140RPM hand cannon is arguably the most versatile in its category. The gun packs immense range for a revolver, and its Kill Clip-style perk coupled with Funeral Pyre once masterworked makes the Ace of Spades an excellent choice for PvP and PvE alike.


Among the many exotic fusion rifles, the Jotunn stands out as one of the best for almost all content in the game. This weapon hits extremely hard and its tracking projectiles can be used to great effect in PvP. However, the slower charge rate on this fusion rifle makes it riskier to use than the others.


This kinetic grenade launcher is capable of demolishing powerful enemies in endgame PvE content thanks to its high burst damage and damage-over-time effect. Skilled players can use Witherhoard effectively in the Crucible, but it shines the brightest in Gambit.

Whisper of the Worm

Due to the removal of Io, players will only be able to obtain this obscenely powerful sniper rifle from the exotic kiosk. The weapon’s unique perk, White Nail, automatically refills the gun’s magazine after every third consecutive precision hit on enemies, essentially giving players a sniper rifle with infinite ammo that can be fired as long as critical hits are scored.

Outbreak Perfected

This weapon was considered one of the best exotic pulse rifles for PvP due to its high accuracy and its ability to spawn swarms of nanites that chase after nearby enemies. It’s also a great choice for PvE since it deals more damage to targets based on the number of nanites attached to them.