• Mantle of Battle Harmony greatly accelerates Super charge rates for Warlocks
  • The exotic also boosts the damage of weapons that match the element of the equipped subclass
  • The Mantle stacks with mods and perks like Thresh

The Mantle of Battle Harmony can be considered one of “Destiny 2’s” forgotten exotics. It is barely used anymore despite being one of the best options for charging Supers and steam-rolling enemies in the Crucible.

This exotic chest piece has remained mostly the same since it was introduced, but the advent of the Void and Solar updates did open up a few more build options focusing on the Mantle. Here a few loadout recommendations that can work for both PvE and PvP.

Super Spam PvE Build

The Mantle’s intrinsic trait, Absorption Cells, grants players small chunks of Super energy after scoring a takedown with a weapon that matches their subclass element. This basically gives any matching weapon the Thresh perk, except it stacks on top of Thresh itself.

Players will be able to get their Supers back incredibly fast by using the Mantle, along with a Thresh weapon like Funnelweb, Shadow Price, or Borrowed Time. Burst Supers like Blade Barrage or Well of Radiance tend to get more use out of this, but even roaming Supers can find value with the Thresh and Mantle combo.

Ager’s Death Beam

The recent PvE buff to trace rifles has made the classic Mantle + Ager’s Scepter loadout even more frightening. Players will not only get to use Ager’s empowered death beam more often, its damage output from its normal firing mode will also secure a 20% boost.

Every kill while Ager’s is empowered and Mantle of Battle Harmony is equipped will extend the duration of the effect since the chest piece is constantly feeding Super energy back to the player. This stacks with every other mod that grants Super energy.

The Crucible

There’s not much to say here except that many 120RPM hand cannons can down low-mid Resilience Guardians in the Crucible in just two headshots with the Mantle of Battle Harmony equipped and fully charged. Igneous Hammer and Bottom Dollar are very effective at this.

Absorption Cells only lasts for three seconds in the Crucible, so it isn’t as oppressive as some might think. However, this can be bumped up to a max of six seconds if players chain enough kills together, and they can keep it going indefinitely.

The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2
The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2 Destiny 2