• The Legendary campaign mode will give players more rewards than usual
  • Finishing the campaign in Legendary difficulty rewards a set of 1520 gear
  • Players can farm new exotics in the Legend and Master Lost Sectors

This week, Bungie revealed a lot of information surrounding “The Witch Queen’s” core gameplay features like the intro to weapon crafting, the Void update and more. The devs are doubling down on this by sharing even more details regarding what players can expect from the campaign and the new exotic items coming in the expansion.

For the first time since the game’s release, “Destiny 2” will feature a Legendary difficulty for the main campaign mode. Bungie said in the most recent developer blog that players will stand to get much more loot than usual if they manage to beat the campaign missions in this difficulty.

The rewards range from extra loot chests to upgrade materials, emblems and more. What’s most interesting is that completing all of the campaign missions on Legendary difficulty will reward players an entire set of gear with a 1520 light rating.

Breach Savathun's Throne World and take back the Light in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
Breach Savathun's Throne World and take back the Light in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Bungie

Those racing for the world’s first completion of the upcoming “Witch Queen” raid will most likely have to complete the campaign on Legendary if they want to stay ahead of the competition. This will not be easy though since everyone will start at the same light floor of 1360 once the expansion is released, and Legendary difficulty is guaranteed to be difficult against low-light players.

Next, Bungie showed off some of the new exotic armor pieces that they’re adding to the game. Apart from the three exotics previously shown in one of the trailers, the devs featured three new armor items that should interest players.

The Titan’s Loreley Splendor Helm grants Sunbreaker Sunspots a healing effect on top of their normal damage boost. Meanwhile, the Warlock’s Secant Filaments will give players the Devour effect upon entering Empowering Rifts and an Anti-Overload buff. Lastly, the Hunter’s Renewal Grasps will make Revenant Duskfield Grenades reduce the damage taken by all Guardians inside the field while also boosting the size of the field itself.

Bungie didn’t specify if these items (together with the previously-revealed ones) are the only new exotic armor pieces in the expansion. It’s worth noting that these exotics will likely become drops for Master and Legend Lost Sectors from the expansion’s new areas.