• Devour can be activated by using Harmonic Siphon and Echo of Starvation
  • Orbs of Power can also grant increased weapon damage with the right mods
  • Taking Charge allows for a variety of Charged with Light builds using Orbs of Power

The Void 3.0 update for "Destiny 2" drastically changed how the Devour effect is activated on Warlocks. Instead of simply eating grenades, players now have to actually defeat opponents with them while having a certain aspect equipped.

This change upset the classic Devourlock mains, but thankfully, there is a better way to enjoy this old build in the new system. Here’s the loadout.

Subclass Setup

Normally, Warlocks need to use the Feed the Void aspect in order to get the Devour effect up and running. However, players can get the benefits of all three Void aspects by using the Harmonic Siphon helmet mod and Echo of Starvation fragment combo instead. The setup will look like this:

  • Aspect
    • Child of the Old Gods
    • Chaos Accelerant
  • Fragments
    • Echo of Expulsion
    • Echo of Instability
    • Echo of Starvation

Armor Mods

Harmonic Siphon will spawn Orbs of Power every time players rapidly defeat enemies with damage that matches their subclass element. Picking these orbs up will grant both Super energy as well as Devour from Echo of Starvation. From here, players can use a variety of Taking Charge and elemental well mod combos like this one:

  • Harmonic Siphon
  • Elemental Ordnance
  • Taking Charge
  • High-Energy Fire
  • Font of Might
  • Radiant Orbs

This will give the Warlock access to all three aspects and Solar’s Radiant effect thanks to the seasonal artifact mod, on top of greatly increased Void weapon damage.

Weapons and Gear

Void weapons are recommended for the sake of Volatile Rounds. Gnawing Hunger and Unforgiven are great primary weapon choices, but feel free to swap Echo of Instability and Font of Might for something else and use different elemental damage types if Match Game becomes a problem.

Players can also pick from a variety of exotics with this setup. Nothing Manacles, Verity’s Brow and Contraverse Hold are all excellent picks for grenade-oriented loadouts. Meanwhile, Nezarec’s Sin remains a viable option for all builds that use Void damage.

One interesting exotic to mention here is the Secant Filaments, which grants Warlocks Devour upon using an Empowering Rift. This will completely negate the need for Harmonic Siphon and Feed the Void, but it will force players into a slow and methodical style of gameplay.

The Verity's Brow exotic helmet for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The Verity's Brow exotic helmet for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2