• Recovery is preferred over Resilience in terms of overall survivability
  • The Mobility stat does not affect sprint speed
  • Intellect, Discipline and Strength stats have diminishing returns

On the surface, the armor pieces in “Destiny 2” seem fairly straightforward, but there are some important details that all players should know before they build their Guardians around specific stats.

Keep in mind that while players should prioritize raising their light level while gearing up their characters, well-rolled armor pieces with low light but high stats should always be saved and used for later instead of dismantled.

Here’s a rundown of each armor stat in “Destiny 2” as well as some essential tips for building the perfect character.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is the game's biggest update of the year Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is the game's biggest update of the year Photo: Bungie

“Destiny 2” Armor Stats

The game has six major armor stats: Resilience, Mobility, Recovery, Discipline, Strength and Intellect. Each one provides specific bonuses that can be seen by hovering over their icons in the Character screen.

Stats are divided into 10 tiers. Each tier provides a static bonus depending on the stat itself. For example, 10 Resilience falls under Tier 1, 20 Resilience falls under Tier 2 and so on. Players must breach tier thresholds to enter the next one.

Each stat grants bonuses like increased maximum shields, movement speed and health recovery, but there are some caveats to this.

“Destiny 2” Mobility Stat Explained

Mobility improves movement speed and the cooldown of the Hunter class’ dodge ability. However, the game doesn’t tell players that the movement speed buff only affects walk speed, jump height and strafe speed. This has been proven and tested before by community members, so players are advised to max this stat only if they want to improve the aforementioned traits.


On paper, Resilience will increase a Guardian’s maximum hitpoints and improve the cooldown of the Titan’s barricade ability. This stat is fairly simple, but in PvP, maxing out Resilience is generally not worth doing.

For the most part, weapons will still kill max Resilience Guardians in the same amount of shots. However, this stat will help players survive against weapons with perks like Kill Clip or Thorn’s poison damage. Players who want to tank damage in PvE are better off using armor mods like Well of Life or Protective Light, and for PvP, Tier 5 Resilience is enough to survive most weapons.


This stat increases health recovery while decreasing recovery delay. It also reduces the cooldown of the Warlock’s rift abilities.

Recovery is more preferred by many players because it lessens the time spent hiding behind cover. In PvP, high Recovery is great for turning fights around, especially if players manage to stall long enough for natural recovery to kick in.

Intellect, Discipline and Strength

Intellect, Discipline and Strength work exactly as described: they reduce the cooldowns for Supers, grenades and melee abilities, respectively. Players can freely spec into these stats without having to worry about any caveats apart from diminishing returns.