• Good weapon traits are some of the most coveted perks for weapons in "Destiny 2"
  • Perks excel in either PvE or PvP content
  • Certain perks can only be found in specific weapons

Weapons in “Destiny 2” can roll with a wide variety of perks that boost their performance, ranging from weapon parts to intrinsic perks that define a weapon’s playstyle. Trait perks tend to be a little more interesting than the rest since they have the biggest impact on how a weapon feels compared to others in their archetype.

Trait perks are the ones found in the third and fourth perk slots of every weapon, and they have unique effects that can define how weapons are used. Here’s a short list of some of the best general-purpose trait perks in the game that players should look out for.

Kill Clip/Rampage/Multikill Clip

These perks are most useful in PvE, but they can also be great in PvP with weapons like hand cannons and scout rifles. All of them increase damage output, making these perks great against hordes of weak enemies, regardless of weapon type.


This perk partially reloads a weapon after every kill, making it a great choice for PvE. Auto rifles like Chroma Rush or SMGs like Death Adder can become even more effective in clearing large groups with Subsistence, especially if they also have Rampage.

Team up with up to six Guardians in Destiny 2's seasonal activities Team up with up to six Guardians in Destiny 2's seasonal activities Photo: Bungie

Vorpal Weapon

This versatile perk increases damage against powerful combatants like bosses and champions, as well as Guardians who have their Supers up. Hard-hitting weapons like grenade launchers, bows and shotguns can take full advantage of this perk, especially in PvP as it allows players to counter Supers.

Opening Shot

A weapon with Opening Shot gains increased range and aim assist on the first shot after the weapon is pulled out, making this one of the best PvP perks. Shotguns and sniper rifles with Opening Shot can easily one-tap a Guardian thanks to the increased accuracy and bullet magnetism that the perk provides.


Like Opening Shot, Rangefinder is another top-tier PvP perk that’s great for every weapon. It boosts weapon range and zoom, which will make downing opponents easier due to the extended damage fall-off range and enhanced bullet magnetism. This works especially well with hand cannons, scout rifles and pulse rifles.


This unique perk spawns a small Stasis crystal every time an enemy is defeated with a precision hit These crystals can freeze nearby enemies and also deal damage when shattered. Headstone is especially useful with Stasis subclasses as it can be used to synergize with abilities like Shatterdive and the Behemoth’s slide with Cryoclasm.