• The Lament has the highest DPS potential out of all melee weapons in "Destiny 2" so far
  • Players must complete a relatively lengthy quest chain from Banshee-44 to obtain the sword.
  • The "Beyond Light" DLC is required to have access to The Lament

The Lament is one of “Destiny 2’s” highest-damaging weapons so far, capable of destroying all but the toughest of content in mere seconds. It may not be as sought-after as other weapons or exotics in the game, but seeing it in action should convince players otherwise.

Luckily, this sword is easy to obtain, although it does demand a bit of commitment as its quest steps can be tedious and grindy. For players who want to get this exotic weapon as quickly as possible, follow this short guide that covers all of the steps as well as some tricks to make the grind more bearable.

Important Note

Players must own the “Beyond Light” expansion, finish “Old Secrets, New Challenges” and unlock access to Exo Challenges in order to complete this exotic quest. The quest itself can be acquired from Banshee-44 at the Tower.

Destiny 2's The Lament is a powerful chainsword capable of melting even the toughest of enemies Destiny 2's The Lament is a powerful chainsword capable of melting even the toughest of enemies Photo: Destiny 2

How to get the Lament

  1. Find three dead Exos in Europa
  2. Find the giant Exo head in Braytech Exoscience
  3. Kill 100 Vex in Europa with swords
  4. Finish an Exo Challenge
  5. Kill Vex in Europa with Finishers
  6. Find the missing blade pieces
  7. Speak to Banshee-44
  8. Complete the Bunker E15 lost sector on Europa
  9. Complete the “Reforging The Past” mission
  10. Return to Banshee-44

Dead Exo Locations

There are plenty of dead exos scattered across Europa. Here are three of the quickest and easiest ones to find:

  • Perdition lost sector – to the left of the boss room entrance
  • Concealed Void lost sector – near the ledge leading out of the boss room
  • Cadmus Ridge – on top of one of the glaciers overlooking the Vex construct

Kill Vex with swords and finishers

The Perdition lost sector is a great place to grind for this step since only Vex spawn in it. Four or five rounds of lost sector should be enough to meet the 100 kill criteria. Keep in mind that swords can still be used even without any ammo, albeit their damage and combo ability will be severely hampered.

The Lament’s missing blade pieces

The missing pieces can be found in the Glassway strike on Europa. Simply kill the final boss and the pieces will drop straight to the inventory.

Bunker E15 location

This lost sector can be found inside the main building by the spawn point in the Eventide Ruins. Go to the main hall and jump on top of a ledge protruding off a wall.