• The Heir Apparent is a 900RPM Solar machine gun with a built-in Arc Shield
  • The catalyst increases the Arc Shield's HP and restores ammo when it's broken
  • The weapon is awarded after completing the Top of Class quest during the Guardian Games event

The Heir Apparent terrorized the Crucible back in “Season of the Lost,” and despite a substantial nerf to its potency in PvP, it’s still a very fun weapon to use in all activities in “Destiny 2.”

Now that this year’s Guardian Games are now live, players will once again be able to obtain this hefty Cabal machine gun for themselves. This weapon can become extremely powerful next season as well should Bungie decide to release Solar 3.0 together with the upcoming PvE machine gun buffs.

Getting the Heir Apparent is surprisingly simple. After completing the Best In Class quest from Eva Levante, players will automatically receive the Top of Class quest.

Best In Class is a nine-step quest that serves as an introduction to the Guardian Games. It will also reward players with their first The Title SMG. Meanwhile, the Top of Class quest only has two steps, which are to earn Laurels and defeat enemies in the Guardian Games playlists using any machine gun.

For optimal progress for the Top of Class quest, equip the Machine Gun Ammo Finder and Machine Gun Scavenger perks and keep running any of the two Guardian Games playlists. The Training playlist may be the more profitable activity as it can drop both exotic gear pieces and Enhancement Prisms among many others.

Once the players defeat 100 combatants with machine guns, the Heir Apparent will automatically be transferred to their inventories.

The Heir Apparent is an exotic machine gun that can be obtained from the Guardian Games
The Heir Apparent is an exotic machine gun that can be obtained from the Guardian Games Bungie

How to get the Heir Apparent Catalyst

Like other exotics, the Heir Apparent can be equipped with a catalyst to improve its effectiveness. To get it, players simply need to turn in as many Medals as they can at the Guardian Games podium at the Tower.

Depositing Medals has a chance to drop the Heir Apparent catalyst among many other random pieces of loot. This is heavily reliant on luck, so make sure to participate in the event for a chance at getting the catalyst.

Once the catalyst is obtained, players need to defeat 700 combatants with the Heir Apparent for it to actually be usable. Unlocking the catalyst will grant the Heir Apparent the Legion’s Bulwark perk, which makes the gun’s Arc Shield more durable. It will also partially reload the weapon if the shield gets broken.