• Assassin's Cowl allows for on-demand invisibility even on other subclasses
  • Knife Trick is perfect for activating Assassin's Cowl and defeating enemies in one shot
  • The build is flexible when it comes to weapon choices

One of the main benefits of using the new Solar subclass rework in “Destiny 2” is easy access to burst healing and constant health regeneration. However, these won’t matter much if players get overwhelmed by enemy fire.

Apart from taking cover or building max Resilience, hostile gunshots can be avoided by going invisible, which is something that only Hunters when outside of the Void subclass (bar some exotic weapon effects).

Here’s a quick build on how to abuse healing and invisibility with throwing knives to easily solo hard content in “Destiny 2.”

The Loadout

For this build, players will need the Assassin’s Cowl exotic helmet, which lets Hunters turn invisible every time they defeat an enemy with a powered melee attack. This means that every throwing knife kill will cause the Hunter to vanish while also gaining a decent chunk of their health and shields back.

The Knife Trick melee ability is arguably the most reliable pick out of the bunch. Every throw launches a fan of three knives that each deals separate instances of damage. This can easily defeat any red-bar enemy in the game, which makes activating Assassin’s Cowl painless.

Knife Trick’s damage potential opens up a lot of possibilities for weapon combos. Literally, anything will do, but players may want a weapon that applies Scorch like Skyburner’s Oath or Prometheus Lens for fragment synergy. Otherwise, use Rat King for even more invisibility.

The Assassin's Cowl exotic helmet in Destiny 2
The Assassin's Cowl exotic helmet in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

Knock ‘Em Down is mandatory for this build as it lets throwing knives recharge after defeating an enemy while Radiant. When used with Ember of Torches and Acrobat’s Dodge, this will effectively let players spam melee abilities with reckless abandon so long as the knives actually kill targets.

Combine this aspect with Gunpowder Gamble, Ember of Blistering and Ember of Ashes for better Scorch application and grenade recharge.

As for mods, players have a lot of options since Assassin’s Cowl does most of the build’s heavy lifting. Feel free to use elemental well setups with High-Energy Fire or Protective Light for some nice bonuses, or go hard on grenade regeneration with Well of Ordnance, Elemental Ordnance and Explosive Wellmaker.