• The last boss involves all of the mechanics from previous encounters
  • Bring loadouts that can deal with many enemies at once
  • Stun Caiatl by ringing the bell closest to her

The final encounter of “Destiny 2’s” Duality dungeon will combine every mechanic from the previous rooms with a new, slightly more complicated one that can be a little confusing at first.

After traversing through Calus’ vault, players will find themselves in the final area against the Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial. While the boss herself isn’t that hard to fight, most of the trouble in this encounter will come from the hordes of Cabal that will pour out of every crevice in the room.

The mechanics for this encounter are similar to the earlier ones but with a twist. Here’s a breakdown.

Nightmare of Caiatl Boss Mechanics

  1. Take note of the displayed Standards in the normal realm
  2. Go to the nightmare realm, defeat Psions and grab the right Standards
  3. Deposit the Standards in the normal realm
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until four Standards have been deposited
  5. Ring the Bell of Conquest by shooting the base of the chains to begin the damage phase
  6. Defeat the Bellkeepers in the direction Caiatl is headed toward
  7. Shoot the bell when Caiatl is near to cause a stun with massive damage
  8. Repeat steps 6-8 until all bells have been rung
  9. Repeat all steps until the boss is down

Nightmare of Caiatl Boss Fight Tips

Caiatl has extremely high damage resistance until she gets stunned by one of the bells. While she is heading toward one, focus fire on the Bellkeepers and any nearby enemies instead. Make sure to grab any Unstable Essence to maximize DPS during the damage phase.

The sheer number of enemies that spawn during the fight can be very problematic. Wave-clearing weapons like Gjallarhorn or Supers such as Hammer of Sol are invaluable for giving the team some extra breathing room.

Each damage phase against the boss is relatively short, so weapons and abilities that deal big burst damage are recommended. Blade Barrage, Nova Bomb and Warlocks with the Starfire Protocol exotic all excel at this encounter. Make sure to bring abilities that inflict Weaken to maximize the damage dealt during each phase.

Lastly, try to have at least one fireteam member on Bellkeeper duty. The team must defeat all six Bellkeepers during the Standard collection phase or else they will wipe.

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