• Horror's Least is a 540RPM Arc Pulse Rifle 
  • The weapon can be obtained from The Corrupted Nightfall Strike
  • Horror's Least has good perk options for both PvE and PvP

The Horror’s Least is quickly becoming a fan-favorite pulse rifle for the Crucible, dethroning the dominant Peace of Mind as the go-to rapid-fire frame option in “Destiny 2” thanks to its ease of use and fast TTK values.

Rapid-fire pulse rifles have always been great for dueling against other Guardians, but Horror’s Least takes these 1v1 fights to a whole new level – one that other guns in its class can only hope to reach. Here’s why.

Best Horror’s Least Perk Rolls

The perk pool for the Horror’s Least may not seem exciting at first, but almost all of it greatly contributes to the gun’s ability to take and win 1v1 fights in a flash.

This pulse rifle is the only one in its archetype that can roll with Kill Clip, which grants a 33% weapon damage bonus for five seconds after scoring a kill and reloading the weapon. This will drastically lower the gun’s respectable 0.8s TTK value, making it an absolute laser beam when used properly.

Granted, Gridskipper can roll with either Adrenaline Junkie or Multikill Clip, but Kill Clip on the Horror’s Least gives it a more competitive edge when dueling.

The curated roll for the Adept Horror's Least in Destiny 2
The curated roll for the Adept Horror's Least in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Perpetual Motion is the go-to partner for Kill Clip simply because it boosts Handling and Reload Speed. Though the latter isn’t as necessary, the boost to Handling is more than welcome to compensate for the gun’s low base stat.

For pure dueling purposes, Heating Up and Under Pressure aren’t bad perks either. Both give players an advantage in a gunfight, though Under Pressure may be more valuable because its win condition can be achieved mid-duel.

Horror’s Least PvE God Rolls

The gun isn’t bad in PvE at all, and players may want to consider saving a PvE roll for when Arc 3.0 comes out.

Frenzy is generally good since it gives a broad stat boost just for being in combat. Vorpal Weapon is a good choice as well for dealing damage against elite units.

Horror’s Least can also drop with Turnabout, which grants an overshield whenever the weapon breaks a combatant’s shields. When paired with Vanguard’s Vindication or Stunning Recovery, Horror’s Least can be a reliable primary weapon in difficult raids and Nightfalls.