• Hawkmoon can be acquired by finishing the "As The Crow Flies" questline
  • New players will have to finish certain requirements before the exotic quest becomes available
  • The quest is lengthy but easy to finish solo

New “Destiny 2” players can still get the exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon in the current season, but those who are just starting will have to go through several hurdles before they can start working their way toward this weapon’s quest.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get Hawkmoon in “Destiny 2: Season Of The Lost.”


First, players must own the deluxe edition of the “Beyond Light” in order to start the Hawkmoon quest. The weapon was originally launched as part of the Season 12 pass, and it has since been locked behind the deluxe edition along with other Year 4 exotics.

Before getting the Hawkmoon quest, players must finish the New Light campaign and gain access to the Moon and the Tangled Shore. Then, finish the Trail of the Hunted quest on the Moon to unlock The Crow as an NPC on the Tangled Shore.

Talk to Crow inside Spider’s Lair on the Shore and complete the first Wrathborn hunt quest. Afterward, head back to Crow and finish the mission, then go to Spider to find the “As The Crow Flies” quest in his inventory.

Destiny 2's Hawkmoon features random rolls and a new intrinsic perk compared to the original version Destiny 2's Hawkmoon features random rolls and a new intrinsic perk compared to the original version Photo: Destiny 2

Hawkmoon Exotic Quest

The quest for Hawkmoon is a bit lengthy, but it’s easy enough that players can finish it alone. Here are all of the quest steps:

  1. Find 5 Paracausal Feathers scattered across the solar system
  2. Speak to Crow
  3. Complete the “Cry From Beyond” mission in the EDZ
  4. Return to Crow
  5. Generate or collect 50 orbs of power
  6. Return to Crow again
  7. Head to the quest marker on the EDZ and collect feathers
  8. Return to Crow for the last time
  9. Eliminate Champions or Guardians
  10. Finish the final mission

The first five Paracausal Feathers can be found in the following areas:

  • In front of Spider’s Lair
  • Cosmodrome – on a pillar to the right of the teleport point near Shaw
  • EDZ – at the Sludge, on a broken catwalk near the front side of the teleport point
  • Dreaming City – at the left side of the Blind Well’s entrance
  • Moon – Temple of Oryx, inside the last room

Completing the quest rewards players with a default-rolled Hawkmoon. Players must complete the “Harbinger” quest from Crow to obtain randomly rolled Hawkmoons.