• The Dead Man's Tale can be acquired by completing the Presage quest
  • Players must own the "Beyond Light" deluxe edition to gain access to the quest
  • The quest mainly involves puzzles, platforming and a few combat encounters

Plenty of new players who have just started playing “Destiny 2” may be wondering how to get the Dead Man’s Tale, a unique-looking lever-action repeater that was quite popular when it was first introduced a couple of seasons in the past.

Like some of the other exotics in “Destiny 2,” the Dead Man’s Tale can be acquired from a quest. Unlike the other exotics, however, this scout rifle’s exotic quest is much shorter and relatively easier to accomplish, even when going in solo.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get the Dead Man’s Tale in “Destiny 2.”

The Dead Man's Tale exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2
The Dead Man's Tale exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Important Note

Players must have the deluxe edition for “Beyond Light” before they can start this quest. Those who own the standard edition of “Beyond Light” can upgrade to the deluxe version on Steam or through their respective consoles’ storefronts.

Acquire the Distress Signal

The first part of the Dead Man’s Tale quest will take players to the EDZ, specifically the Arms Dealer strike mission.

After spawning in the mission, immediately head right and through an open door toward a room filled with Scorpius Turrets. Destroy each of them and proceed outside, where more turrets and an elite Cabal enemy awaits.

An objective marker will appear over an open cargo container on the right-most landing pad. Pick it up and head back to the Tower.

The Presage Quest

Speak with Zavala after getting the signal to obtain the Presage quest. This quest can be found as an activity marker on the Tangled Shore map. Players can bring up to two friends with them or go in alone.

The quest mostly involves platforming and puzzle-solving with some isolated combat encounters and a boss fight at the end. Presage is best done blind, but for players who just want the weapon, YouTuber Datto made a detailed guide on how to solo the quest.

Be prepared for a few tough encounters as the mission’s difficulty scales slightly above the player’s light level, which means that every enemy in the quest will be slightly tougher than usual.

This quest can be retaken to obtain multiple Dead Man’s Tale scout rifles with random perk and part rolls. A Master version of the quest, which will reward the weapon’s catalyst, will also be made available after a player finishes it for the first time.