• Gjallardays will feature big discounts on physical and digital "Destiny 2" merchandise
  • The 30th Anniversary Pack's contents will not transfer between platforms 
  • Bungie is looking into a number of known issues that players may be experiencing in-game

Following last week’s gigantic “This Week At Bungie” update, “Destiny 2” developer Bungie decided to release this week’s blog update a little earlier than usual, and it is much lighter than the previous entries, covering only two important notes before the much-anticipated 30th-anniversary update goes live.

This week’s blog post puts the Gjallardays event under the spotlight, celebrating the imminent release of the iconic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn for “Destiny 2” with 12 days’ worth of sales and promos for “Destiny”-related merchandise over at the Bungie Store.

Fans can grab discounts from Bungie partners like Just Geek, Level Up Wear and Loot Crate for some “Destiny 2”-themed items like soundtracks, ebooks, digital goods, clothes, plushies, ghost replicas and other physical items.

Additionally, a new exotic sparrow will be available via the Bungie Rewards program. Claiming this sparrow will make players eligible to purchase a Techeun-style hoodie.

Meanwhile, a coin set will be made available for purchase to players who finish the Master Cartographer triumph in the game.

A new dungeon will be coming to Destiny 2 in the upcoming December patch
A new dungeon will be coming to Destiny 2 in the upcoming December patch Bungie

Apart from the Gjallardays celebration, Bungie released an important announcement regarding the 30th Anniversary Pack and its conflict with cross-saves. The pack will be considered DLC and not Seasonal Content, according to Bungie Support, which means that the 30th Anniversary Pack’s contents will only be available in whatever platform players decide to get it on.

Players who purchase the pack via Steam will not be able to access any of its contents, like the new Dungeon and its many items, if they decide to play on PlayStation or Xbox. Buyers are advised to purchase the pack only on their preferred console.

The team is also working to fix some issues that are plaguing “Destiny 2” at the moment. Bungie acknowledged the sudden increase in Rutabaga errors as well as Potato errors for PC users, along with many other issues that may be affecting the overall gameplay experience.

The “Destiny 2” 30th Anniversary Pack will be released on Dec. 7 along with the big December update, which is set to include a myriad of changes involving exotic weapons, perks and class abilities. The pack will also introduce the Gjallarhorn, along with a new dungeon, a new six-player activity and some reprised weapons from the first “Destiny” game.