• Bungie is set to roll out the next major expansion of “Destiny 2”
  • Dubbed as Beyond Light, the expansion marks the start of the game’s next-gen journey
  • Bungie revealed“Destiny 2” features and other details when it releases on next-gen consoles

The highly-awaited expansion of “Destiny 2” dubbed as Beyond Light is less than a month away. Game developer Bungie recently shared the upgrade details, including the features and performance coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers when they play the game’s next-generation version. The gaming studio also revealed the release date of the expansion and the game’s refresh version.

Earlier today, Bungie shared a new set of details for the Xbox Series X and PS5 iteration of “Destiny 2.” On its official blog, the game developer said that the upcoming refresh version of the online-only multiplayer FPS title would run at 4K and 60 fps on both next-gen gaming systems. Meanwhile, the game will run at 1080p and 60 fps for the all-digital Xbox Series S.

The gaming studio also mentioned a few other features that would be introduced in “Destiny 2.” This includes the faster load times and a field of view slider. Unfortunately, these new features would not be immediately available on the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

A new report claims Bungie hinted that "Destiny 2: Season Of The Undying" will soon feature Vex, time-travel, and more. FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images

The new and improved version of “Destiny 2” will debut on Dec. 8. Bungie says that it needs a little more time to iron out kinks for more steady game performance. The good news is that some features would be rolled out before December and would also be available on older gaming systems.

Starting Nov. 10, older console owners could enjoy the new “Destiny 2” features, including reduced loading times and cross-generation play. This is interesting, considering that the game’s planetary and inventory load times suffered on Playstation and Xbox gaming systems in the past. As for the cross-play feature, this would enable PS4 players to connect with PS5 players and for Xbox One players to connect with Xbox Series X players.

Meanwhile, “Destiny 2” is set to launch its next major expansion, Beyond Light, Nov. 10. The expansion is the start of the game’s next-generation journey. Bungie announced earlier this year that the release of the expansion would be delayed. Fortunately, the new release date of Beyond Light puts the expansion within the launch window of the next-gen consoles.