• One-phase Atheon runs are still possible with the proper builds
  • Divinity is almost essential for loadouts that depend on precision hits
  • Warlocks can deal surprisingly high damage against bosses with just Fusion Grenades

The Particle Deconstruction era of linear fusion rifles shredding the Vault of Glass raid boss might be over, but there are other ways to beat Atheon in a single damage in “Destiny 2’s” 17th season and possibly even beyond.

The updates to Void have opened up a few interesting options when it comes to anti-raid boss setups, and “Destiny 2’s” current selection of legendary and exotic weapons is nothing to scoff at either. Here are two recommendations for beating Atheon in a single damage phase.

Subclass Setups

Before diving into the options, players should have at least one Well of Radiance Warlock for the Radiant buff on players and a Tether Hunter for the weakness debuff on Atheon.

Players should ideally have High-Energy Fire on their armor as well for an extra damage boost. This does stack with Radiant, breaking the usual buff stacking mechanic imposed by the developers.

Gjallarhorn, Izanagi’s Burden and Divinity

The Izanagi’s Burden and auto-loading rocket launcher combo is one of the best DPS options for static raid bosses in the game so far. Divinity will make hitting critical hits easier, and it should let players focus on properly executing the Izanagi reload and rocket swap technique.

Ideally, the relic holder should be using Gjallarhorn. Drop the relic, fire a rocket, then pick the relic back up. They should also be spamming the relic’s Super ability to deal damage to the boss while blocking incoming damage with the barrier ability.

Stormchaser and Divinity

The Stormchaser is arguably the best linear fusion rifle in the game at the moment, and it pairs extremely well with Divinity. Four Firing Line Stormchasers aided by one Divinity, Supers, buffs and debuffs should be able to one-phase Atheon with relative ease.

Solar Ignition Spam

This strategy involves Solar Fulmination, the Ember of Ashes fragment and a team of six Solar Guardians with Fusion Grenades.

Due to the Time’s Vengeance buff during the damage phase, all players receive a bonus to their ability cooldowns. This allows everyone to spam Fusion Grenades to constantly proc Solar Ignitions, which leads to even more damage.

This is best done with six Warlocks using a combination of Starfire Protocol and Verity’s Brow.

The Starfire Protocol chestpiece for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The Starfire Protocol chestpiece for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2