Destiny Taken King
The latest "Destiny" expansion "The Taken King" is scheduled to be released on Sept. 15. It will include updates to ghosts and a new item for Xur as well as the new zone Dreadnaught. Bungie

“Destiny” 2.0 Update has finally dawned, and it is set to begin the motions for Year Two of “Destiny.” In developer Bungie’s words, this update will bring “sweeping changes" with the way the game will be played once The Taken King hits.

The patch notes is very long and meticulous, signaling just how much “Destiny” is set to change. As previously reported, there will be changes in the Quests, Strikes and other activities in the world of “Destiny,” starting with conversion of the activities to the Quest system. The patch details have been listed over at the official Bungie website.

A number of Legendary and Exotic weapons have received updates, with different changes in base, range, damage, recharge time and stability to improve or balance the weapons. Notably, Thorn is one of the weapons that has always been considered a blessing and a curse by players in Crucible.

In the latest “Destiny” 2.0 update, the Thorn’s base damage was reduced by a third for both PVE and PVP. In addition, Thorn DOT can now stack up to five times over multiple shots. But according to the developer, this will prevent the PVP two-shot walk away move. The Thorn has been considered even by the developer as quite the powerful weapon, as it can cut down players easily and break the game when it is used, GamesRadar reported.

“It’s frustrating to know you’re going to die [from poison] and not able to do anything about it,” said Jon Weisnewski, sandbox designer for “Destiny” told GamesRadar. “But it’s been in the game a long time, and has only recently been a problem.”

Weisnewski continued that this may be due to how more players want to get their hands on the weapon after experiencing its devastation. And once they do, the same players get to dominate as well. Taking away the two-shot walk away move will remove the frustration that most players get to experience when shot with the Thorn weapon.

However, not all may be good news, especially for “Destiny” players who have taken a liking to the Trials of Osiris. This is understandable, considering the unique gameplay experience and rewards that await for winners with a nine-win streak record. GameRant reported that Trials of Osiris will be taking a break while The Taken King update commences.

This was confirmed by Bungie’s Derek Carroll, who stated that the weekend was the players’ finals shot to enjoy Trials of Osiris. But there is still a silver lining in that the mode will return later this year. The break could mean that the developer will bring in some improvements to Trials of Osiris considering the changes that The Taken King will bring.

"Destiny" 2.0 updates rolle out for The Taken King (Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)