“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” will be released on Feb. 23, and will have an interesting pre-order campaign for fans who may want the game a bit earlier. Playing up the “Deus Ex” series’ use of multiple choices, Square Enix has decided to let fans augment their preorder. Those, who choose to pre-order the game, can unlock tiers and specific rewards, including a possible early release of the game.

According to the official “Deus Ex” website, there are five tiers of rewards, with the first tier automatically unlocked. The first tier offers fans three different skins for the game’s protagonist Adam, each one specializing in either stealth or combat. Adam will also be able to use his original outfit from “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.”

As of reporting, the campaign requires 25 percent more preorders to unlock tier 2. Other preorder tier rewards for the game include an art book, an extra mission, a digital comic book, a novella and some sample music.

The most fascinating pre-order bonus and the final tier reward is the game being released four days earlier. If fans decide to keep preordering the game, they could alter the game’s schedule and have it released on Feb. 19 instead of 23.

It seems like there is no cut-off date for the preorder campaign, so fans might be able to take their time with it. That being said, the actual preorder goals to get the tiers are a bit vague, as it currently suggests that players have to keep preordering copies of the game. More details may surface when “Mankind Divided” nears its release date.

Game Informer reported that there is also a Collector’s Edition of “Mankind Divided” that any customer can preorder. This will include all of the tier rewards minus the four-day early release, plus a 48-page art book, a figure of Adam Jansen and a steelbook case for the video game.

“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is the sequel to the acclaimed “Human Revolution,” which was also published by Square Enix. The sequel will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on either Feb. 19 or Feb. 23, depending on the preorders.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Augment Your Pre-Order (Credit: YouTube/Machinima Trailer Vault)