Borderlands 3 Zane Flynt Screenshot
Borderlands 3 Zane Flynt Screenshot from the official Borderlands site Gearbox Software/Borderlands 3

Fans have recently noticed the crossplay feature of “Borderlands 3” on one of the online storefronts. In light of this discovery, developers confirmed that are looking at including crossplay for the upcoming shooter. Due to the series’ popularity, this feature could promise more success to the series.

“Borderlands 3’s” crossplay feature was leaked on the Microsoft Store as some fans saw it as one of the game’s marketed features, according to Gamespot. A 2K spokeperson confirmed that the developers are looking into including this feature to the loot shooter. However, the spokeperson cannot confirm if this will make it to the actual game.

Cross-play is a feature that allows players of the same game on different platforms to play together. In most games, each console has its own dedicated server for every platform it’s available. If crossplay is confirmed, many fans could potentially be able to enjoy the whole experience together as they progress along. The upcoming “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” is also confirmed to have console-PC crossplay, according to Polygon.

As of now, “Borderlands 3” has introduced half of its playable characters on launch. Recent online gameplay reveals have shown details about Amara the Siren and Zane Flynt the Operator’s lore and skill trees. The other two, Moze the Gunner and FL4K The Beastmaster, has yet to have their official gameplay videos revealed but were covered during “Borderlands 3’s” appearance in the last E3 2019.

So far, “Borderlands 3” is one of the best games to have a crossplay feature due to its popularity. Many years after its original release, players were still actively playing the game, as seen on SteamCharts.

Moreover, the “Borderlands” gameplay is best enjoyed with peers as the game gets more challenging and increases loot drop chances depending on how many players are together. With the crossplay feature in “Borderlands 3,” Gearbox Software, 2K and its fans can easily build the community and play together without caring about their platform.

“Borderlands 3” is scheduled for release this coming September. We’ve yet to know how many more reveals will the game have prior to its release date.