No big reveals for Dante unlike the game's announcement back in E3 2018. Pictured: 'Devil May Cry 5' by Capcom is revealed during the Microsoft xBox E3 briefing at the Microsoft Theater on June 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The E3 Game Conference begins on Tuesday June 12. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

New footage of "Devil May Cry 5" was revealed featuring main character Dante doing one of his taunts. However, many fans have noticed some unnatural movement in his crotch while in the animation. Here’s what we know about the jiggle physics feature in "Devil May Cry 5."

As seen in a tweet from etdp, Dante’s crotch seems to have some movement when he does his taunt in "Devil May Cry 5." His package also seems to move with him, and the aura around his arms grows stronger.

After asking if this move is intended in the game, VG24/7 was able to confirm that “jiggle physics” is not in "Devil May Cry 5," according to the game’s developer Capcom. Upon release, many fans would definitely try it out and see if they can make “it” jiggle even when Capcom already said it would not.

The “jiggle physics” feature is mostly found among Japanese games like Koei Tecmo’s "Dead Or Alive" series and other anime titles. While "Devil May Cry 5" is made by a Japanese game developer, Capcom does not need to put in some fanservice content as many fans have requested this game for years.

More or less, the title is heavily anticipated as Capcom followed the fan request to reverse the series reboot and continue on with the original series. Like in "Resident Evil" and other beloved Capcom series, "Devil May Cry 5" is also returning to its roots by getting back to the adventures of Dante, Nero and other familiar characters.

So far, major gameplay trailers and reveals about Dante featured his usual toolset from his previous iterations of "Devil May Cry." While it’s unknown if the "Devil May Cry 4" style switching will still be with Dante, the trailer seemed to confirm him using a motorcycle that can be bisected into two separate swords.

Nevertheless, we have plenty of new Dante tricks to see in "Devil May Cry 5" even if we can’t move his junk through any of his moves. "Devil May Cry 5" will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam this coming March 8.