Beyonce with her bodyguard Julius (r) Reuters

That was fast! After reports emerged that Beyoncé was getting a little too close to her bodyguard, Julius de Boer, he has not been seen by her side. Instead, during the singer’s recent outings with Jay Z, she was escorted by another burly bodyguard instead of the Dutchman.

Last month, a report suggested that Jay Z was jealous of the imposing de Boer. Not much is known about him, but he's worked with the 31-year-old singer since 2009, protecting her at various events and during her day-to-day workout regime. He was in the elevator when her sister, Solange, went after her husband. "Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius," a source told Mstarz. "He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyoncé said, 'Julius isn't going anywhere.'

"They've spent a lot of time together behind closed doors," the source continued. "He's even stayed in her hotel room."

But since the report emerged, Julius has not been seen protecting Beyoncé. So was he fired amid the allegations, or is he simply taking a vacation?

Beyoncé and Jay Z are known for having one of the most solid and private relationships in the music industry. They dated for six years before getting married in 2008. But that does not mean the marriage has been without strife.

Most recently, a security camera in an elevator captured footage, obtained by TMZ, of Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z getting into an elevator with de Boer after the Met Gala in New York City on May 5. In the footage, Solange yells at and kicks Jay Z, and Beyoncé seems to do nothing during the assault as she stands next to her husband. At one point, Beyoncé’s bodyguard has to hold Solange back, but that does not keep Solange from kicking Jay Z. But toward the end of the video, Beyoncé seems to block Solange from Jay Z, and though there is no audio, it's evident that she says something to her husband.

When the trio exited the elevator, Solange and Beyoncé left the event in one car, while Jay Z left in another.

It is unclear what triggered the fight, but there were rumors that Jay Z and designer Rachel Roy were getting a little too close for comfort at the gala.

Last year, after rumors spread that Beyoncé and Jay Z were in a trial separation, the singer released a song that seemed to be about her relationship problems. The song "Mine" features the rapper Drake and refers to breakups and hardships.

“Been having conversations about breakups and separations/I’m not feeling like myself since the baby/Are we gonna even make it?” Beyoncé sings in the down-tempo song. She gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in January 2013.

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