“Mortal Kombat X” reached the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Tuesday, and mixed martial artist Felice Herrig, 30, says that the popular fighting game used her likeness without her permission. The title’s character, Cassie Cage, sports a blond ponytail, takes selfies with the bodies of her victories and chews pink bubble gum – just like UFC strawweight Herrig, who is currently ranked the ninth best female strawweight fighter in the world.

Herrig noted the similarities between herself and Cage three months ago, before the game reached store shelves. The Buffalo Grove, Illinois-born kickboxer addressed the resemblance on Instagram and didn’t mention it again for months. Last week, Herrig posted another Instagram photo, showing side-by-side comparisons of herself and the “Mortal Kombat X” character.

“Alright #MORTALKOMBATX This is no longer a coincidence #cassiecage,” Herrig said last week. Developer NetherRealm Studios didn’t respond to Herrig, nor did publisher Warner Bros. Interactive.

This wouldn’t be the first time a female celebrity recognized her likeness in a popular video game. Last July, actress Lindsay Lohan sued Take-Two Interactive for allegedly using her likeness in action-adventure game “Grand Theft Auto 5.” You can see how subsidiary Rockstar Games portrayed her in the video below.

Many fans of Ubisoft Montreal’s action-adventure game “Watch Dogs” also noted that in-game character Claire Lille bore a strong resemblance to adult film star Christy Mack.