UPDATE: 10:25 a.m. EDT -- Lala Kent confirmed that she and Randall Emmett have not broken up in an Instagram post on Monday morning. In the post, she explained, "Y’all we didn’t break up. I’m petty- so when he pisses me off his photos go to the archive... then I re-add them. I mean, I have this dude’s name tattooed on my arm. He’s stuck with me."

Original story: Could it be over for Lala Kent and Randall Emmett?

That's what fans of Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules" star and her Hollywood producer fiancé thought after she posted what most outlets deemed to be a "cryptic" message on Sunday. However, seemingly catching wind of the reports, Lala took to her Instagram Story to set the record straight.

"My stories are not cryptic," she wrote. "My last story was the fourth step prayer. One of the hardest steps in the 12 step program. I will continue to post a prayer from the program, each day."

According to Us Weekly, the prayer that she posted earlier in the day read, "Dear God, it is I who has made my life a mess. I have done it, but I cannot undo it."

"My mistakes are mine & I will begin a searching & fearless moral inventory," the post continued. "I will write down my wrongs but I will also include that which is good. I pray for the strength to complete the task."

Although the 29-year-old reality star clarified the meaning behind her message, that does not address the fact that she unfollowed Emmett on the social media platform and appeared to have removed all traces of him from her Instagram page. As of Monday morning, one picture from 20 weeks ago does is still shown.



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Meanwhile, on the movie producer's Instagram page, everything seems to be going just fine between the couple. Not only did he caption a photo of Lala with his two daughters from his previous marriage to actress Ambyr Childers, "Family," he shared multiple Instagram Stories of them all enjoying each other's company.

Emmett also reposted an Instagram Story he was tagged in, which showed one of his stories was made into a meme with the following phrase imposed on it: "When everyone thinks you and your bae broke up while you are out cruisin' with him."

"Everyone should calm their [expletive], they are obviously still together and going strong," the user wrote alongside the meme. "Deleting pictures and posting a heartfelt message does not necessarily mean a breakup, come on now."

Although it seems that Lala and Emmett's future together remains intact, the same can't necessarily be said for the future of "Vanderpump Rules" and a potential Season 9.

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Typically, the show films over the summer, but in light of the coronavirus outbreak production on many shows have come to a halt. Whether the reality show was ever planning to begin production remains a mystery. It was never officially announced that they were renewed.

Pair that with the fact that they recently fired four of the show's stars, and many fans are left wondering how the show will go on. Bravo has yet to mention anything with regard to the show but both Peter Madrigal and Billie Lee, have offered up their two cents on the situation.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8
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