What’s with Kate Middleton that shocked royal fans the most?

One netizen took to Quora to ask others the things about the Duchess of Cambridge that shocked them the most. The question garnered several reactions from the royal followers.

According to Deanna Eppers, an ardent royal family follower, she was shocked with Middleton’s love for Prince William. Middleton is a very private person and she is happy without being in the spotlight. By dating and marrying the future king, she became the focus of so much attention and her private life was publicized. Her actions were analyzed and scrutinized. For her, this is true love.

“That she loved Prince William so much and enough to have her every move photographed and followed everywhere, just like Diana did,” a different netizen, Elizabeth Hart, commented.

James O’Malley said that for him, the shocking thing about Middleton was the amount she spends on her wardrobe. He finds it disgusting that the duchess can spend the price of a decent house on clothes in one year alone. Also, for him, Middleton is also too thin and doesn’t look healthy.

A different netizen said that there are two things about Middleton that surprised her. First, her wardrobe malfunctions. The Duchess of Cambridge had a number of embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moments. The other thing about Middleton that disturbed her was when her nurse committed suicide.

A number of netizens also said that for them, there is nothing shocking about Prince William’s wife. One said that Middleton did nothing in particular that shocked her. Instead, he praised Middleton for performing her duties well. Another said that nothing is shocking because Middleton is “pretty boring.”

“I don’t think there is anything shocking about Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge,” a different netizen wrote. “She is a well rounded, well educated young woman, perfect for a Royal family and future Queen. She is a devoted wife and mother. She is fiercely protective of her children, but is smart enough to allow them to make their own mistakes in a safe environment.”

In related news, Prince William was spotted with Queen Elizabeth II in Balmoral sans Middleton on Sunday. Middleton is rumored to be pregnant and bookies are suspending the bets because they are confident that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be having a fourth baby.