A new beta update for “Dishonored 2” is now available for download. Just like the previous beta versions, this one comes with bug fixes and remedies for general issues that plagued Arkane Studios’s action-adventure game. It also brings a new mode to the game.

According to DSOGaming, the new beta patch is designed to address major bugs that were reported by the game’s loyal fanbase. Thus, it is not surprising how this update fixes a lot of issues that disrupt “Dishonored 2’s” gaming experience.

Based on the update’s changelog, it adds a new mode to the stealth video game. This new mode is called Custom Difficulties and Arkane has yet to reveal its specifics. Players would also be glad to know that Mission Restart and Mission Select options have been made available to them from the pause menu and result screen.

Though the new beta does not have PC performance improvements, it has fixes for several bugs. For example, the bug that restricts the FPS Limiter to 30 by default and not 60 when switching off the V-Sync for the second time is crushed in this beta. Another bug that’s quashed by the update is the one affecting the “Fog Quality” setting whenever the game restarts.

In addition, the bug that’s causing Emily’s feet to appear suspended in the air during the throne room cutscene has been eliminated. The same thing with the bug that is present in Ansel mode. Among other bug fixes, there is one that corrects the volumetric lighting’s erroneous default settings.

When it comes to general fixes, there are those that repair crashes, saving, localization, rendering, audio, collision and UI issues. For the UI problems, the new beta adds a new UI for Game Update 2. Changes in the Global Kill Ratio were also made, and these modifications involve the Outsider, Jessamine, Meagan, Delilah and the Unkillable NPCs.

The new beta patch is clocking in at 1.2 GB. PC Invasion reports that interested players can access the new beta by visiting “Dishonored 2” in the Steam library, launching Properties and opening the Betas tab. In here, players should select “betapatch” from the drop-down menu to start downloading the PC beta.

To view the complete changelog of “Dishonored 2” Update 2, click here.