Arkane Studios has just released a new beta patch for “Dishonored 2.” The new patch reportedly brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements on the compromised aspects of the action-adventure stealth video game’s gameplay.

On Wednesday, Arkane Studios released the third beta patch for the PC version of the game, promising that this one focuses on improving general performance and enhancing the user experience through bug fixes. Based on the patch notes of beta patch 1.03, it has fixes for bugs found in Options, Display/Monitor, Rendering/Performance and Mouse usage.

According to Gamespot, with the new beta patch, the FPS limit is set to 60fps by default. Players are also informed that the FPS drops to 30 when the V-Sync is turned off twice. Then, there is the addition of an option to disable Camera Motion Blur.

When it comes to the bug fixes that come with the new patch, there is one for the bug that caused certain textures to be missing when players set Texture Quality to above Medium for some GPUs. There is also a fix for the bug that distorts UI elements when players select 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios. In addition, there is a fix for the bug that’s affecting mouse movement speed.

In releasing this new beta patch on Steam, publisher Bethesda Softworks reminded players that they should upgrade to Nvidia’s 375.95 driver or something newer to ensure optimum gaming performance.

Players who wish to install the new patch should know that this is not readily available to general players. PC Gamer says players should opt in if they really want to access the new beta.

To access beta patch 1.03, “Dishonored 2” fans should log into Steam first, then right click on the game’s title in the library. The next thing to do is to select Properties and look for Betas. Upon clicking on Betas, a drop-down menu will appear and from there, one should select BetaPatch. After this, the player should select CLOSE. The game will update for a couple of minutes. Once done, the “Dishonored 2 [BetaPatch]” version should already be present in the library, as per DSOGaming.

Check out the full patch notes for “Dishonored 2” PC beta update 1.3 here.